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@ties-mitsuhashi ties-mitsuhashi released this Oct 17, 2016 · 86 commits to master since this release


  • ドラッグ&ドロップによるCHiLO Book出力
  • ページへのオーディオファイル(.mp3)埋め込み
  • CHiLO BookへのCHiLO Book Readerローディングスクリプトの埋め込み
  • Copyrightページのバージョン情報表示
  • listviewデザインの追加



  • 言語・著者名・発行日などシリーズ毎に設定していた書籍情報をCHiLO Book毎に設定
  • series-introduction、book-summaryが設定されない場合は、「はじめにお読みください」セクションを省略
  • 著者情報(authors.xlsx)・著者画像の保存先をシリーズ内に変更
  • CHiLO Book出力コマンドの引数変更
  • [book-list]の巻数とvo-nシート数が異なる場合も、CHiLO Bookを出力
  • CHiLO Bookの出力先をシリーズ内に変更
  • [series-information]の項目名をcreatorからauthorに変更
  • [book-list]の項目名をcoverからbook-coverに変更
  • CreativeCommonsライセンス(4.0)を適用

New features added

  • Add drag and drop interaction to output CHiLO
  • Embed audio files (.mp3) to pages
  • Embed CHiLO Reader loading script to CHiLO Book
  • Display version information on copyright page
  • Add listview design

Bug fixes

  • Fault correction to not display a blank page after the table of contents page when a cover image does not exist
  • Fault correction when embedding quiz to pages which start with https://

Specification changes

  • Change the setting of the Book information such as language, author name, and date of issue from each Series to each CHiLO Book
  • When there are not inputs in "series-introduction" and "book-summary," the "README" section is omitted
  • Change the location of the author information (authors.xlsx) and author image to foloder within the series
  • Change of arguments of CHiLO Book output command
  • Output CHiLO Book even when number of books in the [book-list] and the number of vo-n sheets differ
  • Change the output destination of CHiLO Book from OutputBase to within the series
  • Change the item name of [series-information] from creator to author
  • Change the item name of [book-list] from cover to book-cover
  • Adopts CreativeCommons License (4.0)
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