Generates formatted, filterable HTML bibliographies from Zotero collections
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This script generates static HTML bibliography page from a Zotero collection or library. The HTML output is generated using the jinja2 templating engine. The included template contains a client-side filtering form.


  • citeproc-py
  • jinja2 (optional, required for HTML output)


Invoking the script directly from command line


The minimum required options are -l specifying the library id and -t specifying the library type, which can be either "group" or "user".

Supported options:

./ --help                                                                                                                     
usage: [-h] [-l LIBRARY_ID] [-t {group,user}] [-a API_KEY]
                   [-s {dateAdded,dateModified,title,creator,type,date,publisher,publicationTitle,journalAbbreviation,language,accessDate,libraryCatalog,callNumber,rights,addedBy,numItems}]
                   [-c TOP_COLLECTION] [-S CITATION_STYLE] [-d STYLES_DIR]

Generate a static HTML bibliography from a Zotero library.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l LIBRARY_ID, --library-id LIBRARY_ID
                        The Zotero library id
  -t {group,user}, --library-type {group,user}
                        The Zotero library type: 'group' or 'user'
  -a API_KEY, --api-key API_KEY
                        Your Zotero API Key. Required for user or private
                        group libraries.
  -s {dateAdded,dateModified,title,creator,type,date,publisher,publicationTitle,journalAbbreviation,language,accessDate,libraryCatalog,callNumber,rights,addedBy,numItems}, --sort {dateAdded,dateModified,title,creator,type,date,publisher,publicationTitle,journalAbbreviation,language,accessDate,libraryCatalog,callNumber,rights,addedBy,numItems}
                        The name of the field by which entries are sorted.
  -c TOP_COLLECTION, --top-collection TOP_COLLECTION
                        The key of the top level collection to include in the
                        bibliography. By default, all collections in a library
                        are included.
                        The citation style used for bibliography entries. By
                        default, the Harvard Reference format 1 (harvard1) is
                        used. If the specified style is not found in
                        styles_dir, the script will try to download it from
                        the Zotero styles repository.
  -d STYLES_DIR, --styles-dir STYLES_DIR
                        The directory where citation styles are found.

Using pybibgen from another python script


To Do

  • allow simple BibTeX files as input, making the script independent from Zotero
  • extract and render abstracts
  • add rst and plaintext output

History and Credits

pybibgen is inspired by David Reitter's zot_bib_web. zot_bib_web retrieves bibliographic items in a copule of formats at once by making several calls to the Zotero API per bunch of items. This heavy API usage makes the harvesting process quite slow for huge libraries. pybibgen only retrieves the items once as BibTeX and relies on the citeproc-py CSL parser to generate formatted bibligraphic entries locally, while still providing BibTex output for exporting. This makes harvesting much faster, while the output produced can be a bit less accurate than zot_bib_web which uses the Zotero webservice to generate the formatted items.

The code for the included template's client side filtering form is, with slight modifications, taken directly from zot_bib_web.