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Gatsby Theme Woocommerce

This is a Gatsby theme for displaying products from a Wordpress Woocommerce instance.

See the live demo


The theme isn't yet a fully functioning ecommerce site with the ability to checkout, but instead it is a proof of concept of what can be done with Woocommmerce and Gatsby. The following features are available in the theme:

  • All Products Page
  • Paginated Products page
  • Simple Product Page
  • External Product Page
  • Local Storage MiniCart


This is the mono repo containing the demo and the theme. Check the theme-specific README for further details on the theme.

In case you want to work with this mono repo (for local development, pull requests, etc.):

  1. Clone / fork the repository and cd into the directory

  2. Run yarn to install dependencies

  3. Run yarn workspace site develop to start the demo locally.

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