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17 pfsensebkp/README
@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@ USAGE:
- <logdir>/data/backupPfsense/logs</logdir>
+ <logdir>/data/backupPfsense/logs</logdir>
+ <encryptpass>false</encryptpass>
@@ -56,3 +57,17 @@ USAGE:
- The log and backup files are stored in the directories specified in the configuration file.
- Make sure you have permission to read and write in backupdir and logdir directories.
+ To increase the security, is possible encrypt the password in XML config.
+ To this, enable the <encryptpass> tag in XML config and put the encrypted password in <tag> pass.
+ Run the main program with option --cryptpass 'My Secure password', copy the result and put in XML config.
+ php pfsensebkp.php --cryptpass 'my password'
+ The output result is something like this
+ Encrypted password: $1$7fFnDe41$LiowNdQPx636dHZp9Y6Lf/WkhKdmQzTnpZWEFnZVcwPVpqSTBLakpqSkdJekttTTVKbU0z
+ See config-crypt.xml sample file to more details.

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