SGI IRIX high-res video modes
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SGI IRIX high-res video modes

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A long time ago, I had an SGI O2 workstation with an SGI 1600sw wide-screen flat-panel monitor. If I remember correctly, that's why I have a 1600x1024 video mode here, but I could be wrong... SGI probably natively supported its own monitor.

1400x1050 was a common resolution on flat-panel monitors at the time.

The o2-stereo.tar.gz file is a backup of the file on Levy's website (see above) in case it disappears for some reason.

mkvfo is a shell script I wrote over a decade ago, because I knew I wouldn't remember how to do this stuff. It looks like it takes three arguments: the horizontal resolution, the vertical resolution, and the refresh rate.

I don't remember what the 1600x1024_60.vfs.old file is for.