A Android GUI for Clash
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A Android GUI for Clash.


  • Clash : A multi-platform & rule-base tunnel, Github
  • ClashX for Mac : A GUI of Clash on macOS, Github
  • Clash for Windows : a GUI of Clash on Windows, Github


version 0.0.1-pre3

  • fix dashboard webview not destory
  • fix not cross
  • fix many import/download config.yml crash
  • add crashlytics
  • optimize dashboard view (BottomDialog)
  • fix a new path error
  • a new version Web Dashboard(thk haishanh)

version 0.0.1-pre2

  • add local web dashboard (thk haishanh-yacd )
  • add check update and download install update
  • fix some people bug in 0.0.1-pre1 versionCode 2


Please remove 0.0.1-pre1 and install this (Because applicationId has changed)

version 0.0.1-pre1

  • clash run in Android
  • Download from Url / Import from sdcard
  • use import config.yml socks port(any port all support)
    • please confirm your config.yml can run clash (format legal leads to ClashA crash)

video preview