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Bit's of code from the programmers at Flying Meat
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ConvertImagesInRTFDToJPEG quick little project to convert images in RTFD on the clipboard from …
JSCocoaCodaLoader blah blah blah
WebDAV WebDAV additions and fixes.
altermouse adding altermouse projectomundo
arrayfilter 10.4 compat
buildapp comments
derbyboard new proj
fogbugz-safariextension Silly macs and their .DS_Store files.
gbmoviehack acornplugins1111
jsline wee
khord foobar
proxiappwindowbringerupper Sillyness. And stuff.
randomscripts auto
voodoopadplugins Tada!
vpreader poof.
.gitignore ignore me
LICENSE.txt Added a license, sir.
README.markdown removed specifics.


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