Mixing FMDBDatabaseQueue and FMDBDatabase does not update content #115

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xr1337 commented Jan 16, 2013

Im using 2 types of connection.
1.FMDBDatabaseQueue - a queue that lives as long as the app is still active.
2.FMDBDatabase - Used mainly for writing inserts to the database. These connections get open & closed at every time the selector is done.

My problem is what ever that was written by the FMDBDatabase isnt reflected on the FMBDatabaseQueue. So querying records that was just inserted returns nil. The only way to get a synced results is to use
Pragma synchronous=OFF
in SQLite but i would want to avoid this.


ccgus commented Jan 16, 2013

I'm not sure why this would be happening. Can you provide a simple example showing the bug, when using the FMDBReportABugFunction function (as described in the readme?)

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