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This a sample on how to use the JSTCodeSketcher class, which add experimental like functionality to JSTalk.
var sketcher = [JSTCodeSketcher codeSketcherWithName:"Draw"];
sketcher.setup = function() {
[sketcher setSize:NSMakeSize(600, 300)];
[sketcher clear];
sketcher.mouseDown = function() {
// reset our points
m1 = m2 = m3 = m4 = null;
sketcher.mouseDrag = function() {
var m0 = [sketcher mouseLocation];
if (m4) {
[[NSColor colorWithCalibratedWhite:0 alpha:.1] set];
[NSBezierPath strokeLineFromPoint:m0 toPoint:m4]
[NSBezierPath strokeLineFromPoint:m1 toPoint:m4]
[NSBezierPath strokeLineFromPoint:m2 toPoint:m4]
[NSBezierPath strokeLineFromPoint:m3 toPoint:m4]
m4 = m3;
m3 = m2;
m2 = m1;
m1 = m0;
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