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// JSTDocument.h
// JSTalk
// Created by August Mueller on 1/14/09.
// Copyright Flying Meat Inc 2009 . All rights reserved.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "JSTTextView.h"
#import "JSTFileWatcher.h"
@interface JSTDocument : NSDocument <NSToolbarDelegate> {
IBOutlet JSTTextView *jsTextView;
IBOutlet NSTextView *outputTextView;
IBOutlet NSSplitView *splitView;
IBOutlet NSTextField *errorLabel;
//NoodleLineNumberView *lineNumberView;
//TDTokenizer *_tokenizer;
//NSDictionary *_keywords;
NSMutableDictionary *_toolbarItems;
JSTFileWatcher *_externalEditorFileWatcher;
NSDictionary *_previousOutputTypingAttributes;
@property (retain) JSTFileWatcher *externalEditorFileWatcher;
@property (retain) NSDictionary *previousOutputTypingAttributes;
- (void) executeScript:(id)sender;
- (void) clearConsole:(id)sender;
NSToolbarItem *JSTAddToolbarItem(NSMutableDictionary *theDict,
NSString *identifier,
NSString *label,
NSString *paletteLabel,
NSString *toolTip,
id target,
SEL settingSelector,
id itemContent,
SEL action,
NSMenu * menu);
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