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// JSTCodeSketcher.h
// ImageTools
// Created by August Mueller on 11/11/11.
// Copyright (c) 2011 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <JSTalk/JSTalk.h>
#import <JSTalk/JSCocoa.h>
@interface JSTCodeSketcher : NSView {
JSTalk *_jstalk;
JSValueRef _drawFunction;
JSValueRef _setupFunction;
JSValueRef _mouseMoveFunction;
JSValueRef _mouseUpFunction;
JSValueRef _mouseDownFunction;
JSValueRef _mouseDragFunction;
CGFloat _frameRate;
NSWindow *_mwindow;
BOOL _flipped;
NSString *_lookupName;
NSTimer *_redrawTimer;
CGContextRef _context;
NSGraphicsContext *_nsContext;
// Processing type stuff.
NSPoint _mouseLocation;
NSPoint _pmouseLocation;
BOOL _mousePressed;
NSSize _size;
@property (assign) CGFloat frameRate;
@property (retain) JSTalk *jstalk;
@property (assign) NSPoint mouseLocation;
@property (assign) NSPoint pmouseLocation;
@property (assign, getter=isMousePressed) BOOL mousePressed;
@property (retain) NSString *lookupName;
@property (retain) NSGraphicsContext *nsContext;
@property (assign) NSSize size;
- (void)stop;
- (void)start;
- (void)setDraw:(JSValueRefAndContextRef)ref;
- (void)setMouseMove:(JSValueRefAndContextRef)ref;
- (void)setMouseUp:(JSValueRefAndContextRef)ref;
- (void)setMouseDown:(JSValueRefAndContextRef)ref;
- (void)setMouseDrag:(JSValueRefAndContextRef)ref;
@interface JSTFakePoint : NSObject {
CGFloat _x;
CGFloat _y;
@property (assign) CGFloat x;
@property (assign) CGFloat y;
@interface JSTFakeSize : NSObject {
CGFloat _width;
CGFloat _height;
@property (assign) CGFloat width;
@property (assign) CGFloat height;
@interface JSTFakeRect : NSObject {
JSTFakePoint *_origin;
JSTFakeSize *_size;
@property (retain) JSTFakePoint *origin;
@property (retain) JSTFakeSize *size;
+ (id)rectWithRect:(NSRect)rect;
CGColorRef JSTCGColorCreateFromNSColor(NSColor *c);
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