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// KBOpenCLProgram.h
// KBKit
// Created by Guy English on 09-10-27.
// Copyright 2009 Kickingbear. All rights reserved.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "JSTOpenCLContext.h"
@class JSTOpenCLKernel;
@interface JSTOpenCLProgram : NSObject
JSTOpenCLContext *context;
NSString *sourceCode;
cl_program computeProgram;
NSMutableDictionary *computeKernels;
- (id)initWithContext: (JSTOpenCLContext*) theContext;
@property (readonly) JSTOpenCLContext *context;
@property (copy) NSString *sourceCode;
- (void)build;
- (JSTOpenCLKernel*) createKernel: (NSString*) kernelName;
- (JSTOpenCLKernel*) kernelWithName: (NSString*) name;
@interface JSTOpenCLBuffer : NSObject
JSTOpenCLContext *context;
size_t size;
cl_bitfield attributes;
cl_mem computeBuffer;
- (id)initWithContext: (JSTOpenCLContext*) theContext memory: (void*) memory size: (size_t) theSize attributes: (cl_bitfield) theFlags;
@property (readonly) cl_bitfield attributes;
@property (readonly) cl_mem computeBuffer;
@property (readonly) size_t size;
- (void)readToMemory: (void*) array size: (size_t) readSize waitUntilDone: (BOOL) waitFlag;
typedef float JSTOCLFloatPixelCo;
typedef struct _JSTOCLFloatPixel {
#ifdef __LITTLE_ENDIAN__
JSTOCLFloatPixelCo b;
JSTOCLFloatPixelCo g;
JSTOCLFloatPixelCo r;
JSTOCLFloatPixelCo a;
JSTOCLFloatPixelCo a;
JSTOCLFloatPixelCo r;
JSTOCLFloatPixelCo g;
JSTOCLFloatPixelCo b;
} JSTOCLFloatPixel;
@interface JSTOpenCLImageBuffer : JSTOpenCLBuffer {
size_t _width;
size_t _height;
size_t _bytesPerRow;
cl_float4 *_bitmapData;
@property (readonly) size_t width;
@property (readonly) size_t height;
@property (readonly) cl_float4 *bitmapData;
@property (readonly) size_t bytesPerRow;
- (id)initWithContext:(JSTOpenCLContext*)theContext width:(size_t)w height:(size_t)h;
- (id)initWithContext:(JSTOpenCLContext*)theContext usingImageAtPath:(NSString*)path;
@interface JSTOpenCLKernel : NSObject
JSTOpenCLProgram *program;
cl_kernel computeKernel;
size_t workGroupSize;
- (id)initWithProgram: (JSTOpenCLProgram*) theProgram;
@property (readonly) cl_kernel computeKernel;
@property (readonly) size_t workGroupSize;
- (void)setArgument: (cl_uint) argIndex size: (size_t) argumentSize value: (void*) value;
- (void)setArgument: (cl_uint) argIndex buffer: (JSTOpenCLBuffer*) buffer;
- (void)setArgument: (cl_uint) argIndex int:(size_t)v;
- (void)enqueueCallWithDimensions: (cl_uint) workDimension globalSizes: (const size_t*) globalWorkSize localSizes: (const size_t*) localWorkSize;
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