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// TDTerminal.h
// TDParseKit
// Created by Todd Ditchendorf on 7/13/08.
// Copyright 2008 Todd Ditchendorf. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "TDParser.h"
@class TDToken;
@class TDTerminal
@brief An Abstract Class. A <tt>TDTerminal</tt> is a parser that is not a composition of other parsers.
@interface TDTerminal : TDParser {
NSString *string;
BOOL discardFlag;
@brief Designated Initializer for all concrete <tt>TDTerminal</tt> subclasses.
@details Note this is an abtract class and this method must be called on a concrete subclass.
@param s the string matched by this parser
@result an initialized <tt>TDTerminal</tt> subclass object
- (id)initWithString:(NSString *)s;
@brief By default, terminals push themselves upon a assembly's stack, after a successful match. This method will turn off that behavior.
@details This method returns this parser as a convenience for chainging-style usage.
@result this parser, returned for chaining/convenience
- (TDTerminal *)discard;
@property string
@brief the string matched by this parser.
@property (nonatomic, readonly, copy) NSString *string;
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