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// TDWordState.h
// TDParseKit
// Created by Todd Ditchendorf on 1/20/06.
// Copyright 2008 Todd Ditchendorf. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "TDTokenizerState.h"
@class TDWordState
@brief A word state returns a word from a reader.
@details <p>Like other states, a tokenizer transfers the job of reading to this state, depending on an initial character. Thus, the tokenizer decides which characters may begin a word, and this state determines which characters may appear as a second or later character in a word. These are typically different sets of characters; in particular, it is typical for digits to appear as parts of a word, but not as the initial character of a word.</p>
<p>By default, the following characters may appear in a word. The method setWordChars() allows customizing this.</p>
From To
'a' 'z'
'A' 'Z'
'0' '9'
<p>as well as: minus sign <tt>-</tt>, underscore <tt>_</tt>, and apostrophe <tt>'</tt>.</p>
@interface TDWordState : TDTokenizerState {
NSMutableArray *wordChars;
@brief Establish characters in the given range as valid characters for part of a word after the first character. Note that the tokenizer must determine which characters are valid as the beginning character of a word.
@param yn true if characters in the given range are word characters
@param start the "start" character. e.g. <tt>'a'</tt> or <tt>65</tt>.
@param end the "end" character. <tt>'z'</tt> or <tt>90</tt>.
- (void)setWordChars:(BOOL)yn from:(NSInteger)start to:(NSInteger)end;
@brief Informs whether the given character is recognized as a word character by this state.
@param cin the character to check
@result true if the given chracter is recognized as a word character
- (BOOL)isWordChar:(NSInteger)c;
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