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August Mueller
August Mueller committed Sep 10, 2009
1 parent 2310230 commit b0443a748675402a0d3f98135b816ca411a297ba
Showing with 6 additions and 22 deletions.
  1. +6 −22 automator/Info.plist
@@ -40,27 +40,11 @@
- <key>AMDAlert</key>
- <string>(* AMDAlert text goes here. (optional) *)</string>
- <key>AMDInput</key>
- <string>(* AMDInput text to further explain the types accepted as input goes here. (optional) *)</string>
- <key>AMDNote</key>
- <string>(* AMDNote text goes here. (optional) *)</string>
- <key>AMDOptions</key>
- <string>(* AMDOptions text to further explain configuration options in the UI goes here. (optional) *)</string>
- <key>AMDRelatedActions</key>
- <string>(* AMDRelatedActions bundle ids go here. (optional) *)</string>
- <key>AMDRequires</key>
- <string>(* AMDRequires text to explain anything outside of Automator required for the action&apos;s operation, e.g. a web page open in Safari, goes here. (optional) *)</string>
- <key>AMDResult</key>
- <string>(* AMDResult text to further explain the types provided as output goes here. (optional) *)</string>
- <string>(* AMDSummary text to explain what your action does goes here. *)</string>
- <key>AMDWebsite</key>
- <string>(* AMDWebsite URL to additional information or documentation for the action goes here. (optional) *)</string>
+ <string>Runs a JSTalk script</string>
- <string>(* The name of the icon *)</string>
+ <string>JSTalk</string>
@@ -79,11 +63,11 @@
- <string>(* Action name to be suggested to add prior to this action to make the task safer, e.g., goes here. *)</string>
+ <string></string>
- <string>(* Button label for user to add proposed Action, e.g. Add. *)</string>
+ <string>Add</string>
- <string>(* Button label for user not to add proposed Action, e.g. Don&apos;t Add. *)</string>
+ <string>Don&apos;t Add</string>
@@ -98,7 +82,7 @@
- <string>com.yourcompany.Automator.${PRODUCT_NAME:identifier}</string>
+ <string>org.jstalk.Automator.${PRODUCT_NAME:identifier}</string>

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