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This is Gus's rewrite of the js bridge. It's probably a bad idea, and very broken.

This is not being done on a branch because Gus started doing that and kept on screwing things up oh lordy do I hate git.

Notes from Gus, for Gus:

Oct 30, 2011: Messages to objc are working, as are Foundation functions which don't take structs. Structs are completely broken right now. But hey- progress!

Oct 24, 2011: There's a ton of unfinished code laying around, and since I tend to be scatterbrained it should probably be ignored. It'll be rewritten, as this is currently a playground for my ideas.

Random Things for Gus to Fix:

Jan 30, 2012: Hey- regular expressions screw up the preprocessor and the syntax coloring: title = "foo'" title.replace(/['"]/g, ' ');

Oct 30, 2011: Maybe you should cache all JSTFunction calls, so you don't have to lookup stuff a second time?

Oct 23, 2011: Hey, mixing TDTokens and JSTPSymbolGroup(s) together in JSTPSymbolGroup's _args array is a really bad idea. What you need to do is make a common subclass for those two, so you don't have to keep on checking if you're working with a TDToken first in description.

Random Test things:

Make sure something like this is possible:

for (idx in args) { print("argument " + [args objectAtIndex:idx]); }

var d = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];

d['a'] = 'eh'; d['b'] = 'beee';

for (var key in d) { print(key + ": " + [d valueForKey:key]); }