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+Feb 23, 2010
+I've redone how the tests are run. LBIMAPConnectionTests no longer runs the python script- instead it uses LBTestIMAPServer, which listens on port 1430 and also prints out files from a plist. So for instance, the testBadLSUB method tells it to load up testBadLSUB.plist, which contains a bunch of expected values from the client (which it tests against) and a bunch of commands to send out. If the incomming client commands don't match up right, we crash (because of runloops and such, I can't currently throw an exception. I probably should figure this bit out though).
+Besides being able to test for correctness in the client commands, having the local server and not having to spawn an extra process means faster running tests. Which is good.
Feb 21, 2010
Hey- I've added some new tests for basic IMAP connection stuff.

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