Big Window

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The Big Window is a large dialog display of time, bars, frames and sub-frames.

The Big Window can be opened from the Views Menu, or by using the toggle shortcut F12 .

There are 2 possible displays, and in the following images, we've added all the tool-tips, so you can see the value types.

When the check-box in the top left of the Window is checked:

When the check-box is unchecked:

User Tip..

The Big window is not only useful for those who want a big time display when recording with an external instrument, like guitar or drums.

When writing music to video using an external video playback app like Xjadeo (or QVideo ), with OOM and Xjadeo synced with JACK, the combined Bar and Time display gives a highly useful indicator for the film composer to fine-tune sync between his music and video. With OOM, Xjadeo, and OOM's Big Window open in the same screen for instance, the film composer has an immediate synced view of both elements, visual and aural. Couple this with OOM's Marker function, and the Comments Tab in the Orchestra Pit to keep a record of important points in the project, and you have a comprehensive administration system at your fingertips.

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