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We'll update this FAQ as questions come up from users, but we ask if it's to do with the operation of OOMidi, please refer to the wiki Manual pages.

For an index of pages, and the sections in each page, please go to:

Getting Started

Installation Checklist

  • If installing Sonatina, check that it's in the correct path:

/usr/share/sounds/sonatina/Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra

  • Check that you have installed the latest builds of liblscp, libgig, and Linuxsampler from SVN. Earlier builds do NOT have the SFZ engine coded in, and Sonatina is an SFZ format sample lib.

  • Check that your LV2 libs, LV2core, LILV, suil, sord, and serd, are the latest builds and correctly installed. If you install these from a distro packaging system, check they are the latest builds. If not please ask (nicely) your distro packaging specialist if he or she would update the packages.

  • Check your JACK install. We've had mixed responses from JACK2 users, and here at the OpenOctaveProject, we use JACK1 0.121.2 to test with, and use. (Our experience has been a more stable system with less xruns with a realtime kernel, than JACK2 with the same system setup. This may not be true for all, and we do not imply that users can't have a good setup with JACK2.)

We understand that if you have a good setup with JACK2, you're reluctant to change that, so if a problem persists, check the JACK2 version for your distro, and/or drop a line to the jack-devel mailing list and briefly outline the challenge you're having. It's worth noting here that some users are using JACK2 with a non-realtime kernel, and although the latest kernel version 3.0 has adopted many of the former realtime patches as default, they're not all done. Consider your use case, and possibly think about building a realtime kernel from your distro packaging system if one is offered. Non-realtime kernel usage in general can increase the xrun count, at least until the kernel is built with full realtime capability by default. We're almost there, just a little bit to go.

We hope this checklist will help OOmers to get up and running smoothly.

How can i reopen the Orchestra Pit and other docks, if i've closed them?

Rightclick in a blank area in OOM, and a menu will come up, with show/hide state of the docks. Select the one you want.

Why don't you do Synths in OOM?

We use Linuxsampler as part of our project pipeline, and any additional synths, like Yoshimi for instance, are run externally.

We are considering adding support for LV2 based synths in the future, like the calf organ, but there's no time set when this may or may not happen.

Can i import projects from other application formats into OOM?


For any project that has audio, you can use our import audiofile feature. At this time a converter is not our focus.

For any project that contains midi, export the project as a midifile, and import into OOM.

What's the deal with plugins?

We support LV2 effects plugins, and Ladpsa effects.

For more information about using plugins in OOM, go to:


Please note we're in the process of removing DSSI from OOM, so do NOT build with DSSI enabled. It won't work, and will crash OOM if you attempt load a DSSI plugin.

I'm having a great time with Sonatina, but i'd like to add a bit of convolution reverb to my project.

We've set up the standard OOMidi Orchestral Template (Sonatina Only) so you can add the IR LV2 plugin to the Aux mixer strip, and adjust levels with each instrument section buss, using the Aux send.

See the wiki page for Convolution Reverb, and a link to some very nice professional standard Impulse Responses, by Peter Roos.

Convolution Reverb

I've got everything opened fine as a brand new project, but the playback cursor doesn't seem to want to move!

Update. The default for OOMidi is now 264 bars instead of 1 bar, as of OOMidi-2011.3.2. This challenge has ceased to exist.

Where's the .deb for Ubuntu, the .rpm, the.....

We're supplying a tarball from source, and an ebuild for Gentoo users, as that's what we use and test with. Arch are already on the case with a package (They're very quick), we've had a response from an Opensuse packager who's on the case, and there may be more to follow.

It's better for all concerned that the expertise of distro specific packagers doesn't go to waste, so please ask your favourite packager if he'd do one for OOMidi-2011. We support the tarball and ebuild, but encourage packagers to help out with a masterpiece of package craftsmanship for their own distro environment on behalf of their, and our, enthusiastic users.

See the top of the Installing OOM page for distros that have binaries available in their packaging systems.

Why can't i add an empty part to an Audio track?

Why would you want to do that?

Empty parts can be created in Midi tracks, using the Shortcut CTRL + Insert, and will appear at the current playback cursor position. Audio tracks will not accept empty parts, so for an Audio part to appear, it must be recorded, or imported.

Where can i find sound effects for my soon to be released film masterpiece?

Although this is not directly connected with OOMidi, we feel it's worth adding a couple of links here to get you started, with additional effects, outside of producing music for film in OOMidi. This in no way implies endorsement of the sites listed, we merely provide these links as a service to our users:


Community site

Freesound is a big effects based site that hosts thousands of sounds recorded by individuals and generously shared with all, for free.

The sounds are released under various Creative Commons licenses, and we ask OOMidi users to respect the requirements for using these effects and sounds, and add any required information to their footnotes, when that oscar worthy film you're making goes public.


Commercial supplier

This is a commercial site, and requires payment for collections or individual effects. The prices are fairly modest, and we include this link for the amount of choice users have among the many thousands of sounds offered. We do not endorse this site, it's just a courtesy for our users should they be looking for a particular sound, and can't find it elsewhere, and the sounds are royalty free.


Commercial supplier

At the top end, in terms of price, of the foley artist's working space, is the BBC sound effects libaries. Over 34,000 sounds recorded from all over the planet, as well as in the BBC own sound effects department (which is now gone), these sounds cover almost every conceivable event or effect one can think of. They're certainly not cheap, but as a collection, they stand as a base for serious production foley creation. We've included a link to a seller of this lib set, but we urge you to browse on the internet, across multiple sites that sell these libs, for a possibly better price. We do not endorse the libs, or the online seller, merely provide a link to get started with. These are all recorded as 16bit/44.1K broadcast wav files.

My girlfriend's taken the 4 wheel drive, and my 18 foot dinghy, and gone fishing for the weekend.

Sounds like you've missed the boat, or....

you can order pizza, stock up the studio fridge with fresh orange juice, open OOMidi-2011, and enjoy yourself!