Getting Started

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Welcome to OpenOctaveMidi! (OOM)

This quick start manual is an ongoing process, and we take no responsibility or liability if the information isn't right up to date. OOM is going forward at pace, and changes are often swift, and with little notice.

The wiki page Creating a Project is your start point, where you can learn how to create midi and audio ports, add tracks, and make your initial recording. Our manual is laid out in a fairly simple fashion, and where possible we've tried to keep the scrolling to a minimum, so the Sidebar menu is your friend!

Suggestions to grow and improve this document are welcome, and will be even more appreciated if users willing to help turn up with paragraphs to add. There's no substitute for another pair of eyes looking at the same function or functions, and writing about it.

Note that some images in this wiki have been scaled down to fit them in the wiki page....

It's definitely a work in progress.......


This is a menu of sorts that lists the pages in the Wiki, and the sections in each page. The page entries are links, and the section text describes the page contents.




Installing OOM

  • OpenOctave Midi and Audio Sequencer
  • Installation
  • Requirements
  • Template Set
  • Install Sonatina
  • Compiling from Source
  • Starting OOM

Getting started

Creating a Project

Creating a project

  • Midi
  • Creating Midi Ports
  • Setting up Audio
  • Create a Midi Track
  • Create an Audio Track
  • Recording Midi
  • Recording Audio

The Composer

The Composer

  • Main Canvas
  • Composer Menus
  • The Orchestra Pit
  • General Navigation
  • Parts
  • Ruler
  • Playback
  • Mixer Dock
  • Transport and Toolbars
  • Track and Part Colours

Other pages referenced from the Composer page:

Composer Menus

  • File Menu
  • Edit Menu
  • Views Menu
  • Midi Menu
  • Audio Menu
  • Settings Menu

Transport and Toolbars

  • Transport Bar
  • Editor Toolbar
  • Transport Toolbar
  • Extra Functions

The Orchestra Pit

  • Views Tab
  • Mixer Tab
  • The Conductor Tab
  • Comments Tab
  • Routes Tab


  • Midi Track
  • Audio Track
  • Input Buss
  • Audio Buss
  • Output Buss
  • MASTER Buss
  • Aux Buss
  • Midi Mixer Strip
  • Audio Mixer Strip
  • Input Buss Mixer Strip
  • Audio Buss Mixer Strip
  • Output Buss Mixer Strip
  • MASTER Buss Mixer Strip
  • Aux Buss Mixer Strip
  • Track and Part Colours

Epic Views

  • Epic Views Manager
  • Views
  • Custom Views
  • Working View
  • Epic View


  • MixerDock
  • MixerDock Strips
  • MixerDock Sizing
  • MixerDock Colour Schemes

Midi Assign

  • Midi Assign
  • Presets

Punch Loop Marker

  • Punch In and Out
  • Loop
  • Markers


  • Metronome
  • Precount

Tempo and Keysignature

  • Graphical Mastertrack Editor
  • List Mastertrack Editor
  • Key Signatures

Big Window


  • Add a plugin
  • Plugin Menu
  • Plugin Manager
  • IR LV2 plugin
  • Notes

The Performer

The Performer

  • Performer Menus
  • The Performer Canvas
  • The Performer Orchestra Pit
  • Ruler
  • Vertical Piano Keyboard
  • Controller Lanes
  • Keyswitches
  • Toolbars
  • Useful Commands and Shortcuts
  • Midi Plugins

Other pages referenced from the Performer page:

Performer Menus

  • Edit Menu
  • Config Menu
  • Function Menu
  • Plugins Menu

The Conductor

  • So how does it work?
  • Shortcuts


  • Tracklist
  • Adding and Removing Parts
  • Special Mention Epic Toolbar


  • Quantize
  • Over Quantize
  • Note-on Quantize
  • Note-on / Note-off Quantize
  • Iterative Quantize

Working with Midi

Working with Midi

  • Instrument Sets
  • Tempo and Key Signature
  • Recording and editing Midi in the Composer
  • Recording and editing Midi in the Performer
  • Grid and snap values
  • Controller Lanes
  • Punch Loop Marker
  • Epic Recording and Editing
  • Midi Import and Export
  • List Editor

Instrument Sets

  • Instrument Set Manager
  • Create an Instrument
  • LinuxSampler and OOM
  • Controller selection per Instrument Set

Working with Audio


  • Recording Audio
  • Epic Recording
  • Working with Audio parts
  • Automation
  • Bounce
  • Audio Import and Export


  • Writing Automation into a track manually
  • Recording Automation during playback
  • Copy/Paste Automation from one location to another
  • Notes



  • Mixer Strips
  • The Mixer
  • Rows
  • Mixer Views
  • Effects Plugins



  • Composer
  • Performer
  • List Editor
  • List Mastertrack
  • Shortcuts Manager



  • Features
  • Open Tab
  • Create a new session
  • Create a template
  • Open a session or session Template
  • Status



  • Overview
  • New Midi Device
  • New Audio Device
  • Case 1, The Simple Sampler
  • Case 2, The Complex Sampler
  • Instrument Database