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The mixer is a detailed view of all the tracks and buss tracks in your project. The mixer can be more clearly defined by the user to show what he or she wishes, with an View menu in which the user can check on or off by track/buss type.

As well as Views, our Mixer can show your Custom Views as well, and you can use the Mixer OrchestraPit dock on the left to select which view, or combination of views, you'd like to see visible.

A special thanks to Grigor Iliev from Linuxsampler. His rack design in Fantasia was the inspiration for the OOMidi Mixer and MixerDock racks.

This page contains the following sections:

  • Mixer Strips
  • The Mixer
  • Rows
  • Mixer Views
  • Effects Plugins

Mixer Strips

There are multiple Mixer strip types in OOM, so we've added a specific page for track and mixer strip types, which can be found here:


The Mixer


The OOM mixer is a tool of use not only mixing, but one of observation as a workflow enhancement. Working with a lot of tracks, whethere they're midi,audio, checking inputs or busses, or maybe setting aux levels across multiple busses and tracks can be just as....administrative as scrolling a lot of tracks up and down in the Composer. Using the same View driven design, where as little as possible is required of the user to get where they want, and see what they want to see, we added rows to the OOM mixer. There are 5 row settings, and dependent on your monitor height, you'll be able to observe,edit, and check a lot of Mixer strips, at once.

In the example gif below, we show a brief walkthrough 1-3 rows, and even with the width of image restriction in this wiki, a lot of strips can be viewed at once, maintaining a more than usable "throw" on the gain sliders in each strip.

On the left of each row is the tool section containing 2 icons.

The double arrow icon will change the width of all strips in the row, so for example, your top row could be all narrow, and the second row all wide.

The style icon below that opens a menu, in which you'll find 4 options to change the "style color" of the strips. More about style selection can be found on our Tracks wiki page, with an entry for each mixer strip type.

At the bottom of the Mixer, on the left, under the Orchestra Pit window, is a drop-down menu called Rows. Use this to decide how many rows you want in view at any time.

Next to that is the Global double arrow icon, which will set all strips, in all rows, to narrow or wide.

Mixer Views

The mixer will accept the same views as the Composer, and using the Mixer Views dock on the left, you can switch between views quickly and effectively.

Views are global, and you can just as easily create specific views for the Mixer, displaying only those Inputs, Midi and Audio Tracks, Busses. Auxes, and Outputs that you want to see at a given moment in your workflow.

To create Mixer specific views, go to the Views tab in the Composer Orchestra Pit, and open the Views Manager dialog.

Effects Plugins

All Audio type Mixer strips will accept effects plugins, LV2, Ladspa, and DSSI.

For a more detailed explanation about Plugins, go to the wiki page:


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