Performer menus

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The Performer menus are modest in size, as we've moved some of what would normally be considered menu items into a more interactive environment in the Orchestra Pit.

This page contains the following sections:

  • Edit Menu
  • Config Menu
  • Function Menu
  • Plugins Menu

Edit Menu

The Edit menu is as follows:

  • Undo This action will undo the last action carried out, and if pressed again, the next previous event, and so on.
  • Redo This action is the reverse of the undo function and will re-instate actions carried out, from the earliest to the last.
  • Cut This action will cut, or remove, a selected event.
  • Copy This action will copy a selected event, or events.
  • Paste This action will paste the last copied action to the clipboard, and paste it at the playback cursor position.
  • Delete Events The action will delete any selected events.
  • Select This entry leads to a sub-menu, where selection actions are listed.

Select sub-menu

  • Select All This action selects all the events in an active part in the Performer.
  • Deselect All This action deselects all events.
  • Invert Selection This action inverts or reverses a set of selected events.
  • Inside Loop This action selects all events inside a loop, defined by the punch in and out indicators.
  • Outside Loop This action selects all events outside a lopp, which is defined by punch in and out indicators.
  • Previous Part This action changes the Performer canvas view to the previous part.
  • Next Part This action changes the Performer canvas view to the next part.

Config Menu

The Config menu is as follows:

  • Event Colour This is an entry for the Event Colour sub-menu.

Event Colour sub-menu:

  • Blue Changes the event colour to Blue.
  • Pitch Colours Changes the event colours according to Pitch
  • Velocity Colours changes the event colours according to Velocity.

Functions Menu

The Functions menu is as follows:

  • Over Quantize Over Quantize moves notes to snap grid, keeping their length value, but also tries to detect chords, and keeps them together, with the notes maintaining their position in relation to each other.
  • Note on Quantize Note-on Quantize will move a note to a grid, maintaining it's length, in other words, it quantizes using the note on position of the note to calculate to a snap grid.
  • Note on/off Quantize This quantize type will not only move a note to a grid for the note on position, but will also change the length of a note to match a snap grid size, so it quantizes both the start and finish of a note to a snap grid size.
  • Iterative Quantize Iterative Quantize allows the user to move a note by increments, the value of which is set in the dialog Config Quantize .
  • Config Quantize... This action opens the Quantize Config window, where the user can set values for Iterative Quantize.
  • Modify Gate time This action opens a dialog where the user can define values for gate time to events defined in the dialog.
  • Modify Velocity This action opens a dialog where the user can apply a percentage of current velocity to events defined in the dialog.
  • Set Fixed Length This action applies a fixed length to selected events. Note that this action will set the length to the current gird value.
  • Delete Overlaps This action will delete overlaps for a pair of selected events.

Plugins Menu

The Plugins menu is as follows:

  • Constant Length this action applies a constant length to selected midi events.
  • Do Nothing As it says.
  • Double Speed this action doubles the speed, or more accurately condenses the existing selected events into half the timeline duration.
  • Remove Short Events This action removes any events shorter than the snap grid value selected.
  • Swing Quantize This action applies a swing quantize value to a selected part.