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A small JavaScript site to simulate a Keynote/PowerPoint type presentation
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This is a small JavaScript library that simulates a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation. I wrote a blog post about it. Also, you can take a look at the demo here.

The build includes the following:

TO use:

Install npm dependencies

npm install

Install bower dependencies

bower install

Run gulp


This will run the default gulp task defined in gulp/tasks/default.js, which has the following task dependencies: ['sass', 'images', 'html', 'watch']

  • The sass task compiles your css files.
  • images moves images copies images from a source folder, performs optimizations, the outputs them into the build folder
  • html doesn't do anything in dev, but minifies HTML for production
  • watch has watchify as a dependency, which will run the browserifyTask with a devMode flag that enables sourcemaps and watchify, a browserify add-on that enables caching for super fast recompiling. The task itself starts watching source files and will re-run the appropriate tasks when those files change.


All paths and plugin settings have been abstracted into a centralized config object in gulp/config.js. Adapt the paths and settings to the structure and needs of the project.

Production files

There is also a production task you can run:

gulp production

This will run JavaScript tests, then re-build optimized, compressed css and js files to the build folder, as well as output their file sizes to the console. It's a shortcut for running the following tasks: images, minify-html, minify-css, uglifyJs.

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