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CruiseControl.NET is an Automated Continuous Integration server, implemented using the .NET Framework.
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Latest commit 3cf8be7 @RubenWillems RubenWillems Merge pull request #224 from linquize/git2
Workaround for Git for Windows 2.x
Failed to load latest commit information.
BuildMetrics Add .gitignore files
Help Started added additional documentation to the help file.
Playground Minor tidy-up to GetStatus() to make it more stable.
Tools Add mono-4.5 to NAnt
doc Fixed typos
install Dashboard on IIS 7.5 installation fails (Bug #109) Installation on II…
lib update dependent libraries to new versions. No more dependencies to .…
project Merge pull request #224 from linquize/git2
utils/CCRunner delete old unsed files
.gitignore helper for creating the docs
CCNet.shfbproj Started added additional documentation to the help file. * revert latest commit
build-all.bat * build-all.bat: call all target Add the missing target "all" to and also add a …
build-package.bat * add build-package.bat script
build-tests.bat * revert latest commit * revert latest commit
build-web-packages.bat Added a batch command for just building the web dashboard packages.
build.bat test * revert latest commit skip fxcop running after 4.5 conversion, because it does not find the…
createDocs.bat fix typo Merged the documentation build scripts into one.
license.txt CCNET-503 Added app icon to CCTray and fixed license date
pages.xml Updated the documentation for the package publisher.
start cctray.bat set eol-style to native
start server.bat set eol-style to native
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