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For Issue 50 #61

merged 1 commit into from Jan 26, 2012

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obones commented Jan 18, 2012

Added FailureTasks to every location that I could figure out a use for.

CruiseControl.NET member

the current code also has a way of detecting and displaying the failed tasks,
see the live dashboard at
currently the Fake project is broken, and you can see that the nant task failed.

why the extra FailedTasks array?
placing it into the integration properties is ok, but why an extra array?
why not re-using the existing detection, or replace the existing detection with the new one
having both is not ok, that's just asking for differences between the two

CruiseControl.NET member

ok, that clears it out. Persisting this is indeed better.

So maybe ditch the old 'in memory' implementation.
Can you incorporate this?

obones commented Jan 19, 2012

Well, I tried that, but it's not that easy as it is implemented as "messages", just like the list of breakers you see in the front page of the dashboard.
Basically, my proposed changes are there to have the failed tasks behave like the failed users:

In memory for the summary on the dashboard
In the integration property for the detailed report either via the dashboard or any publisher (Email being the most common one).

If I were to remove the in memory implementation for failed tasks, then maybe I should remove the in memory implementation for failure users and I'm not sure this is desirable as it might have consequences on other parts of the application (CCTray?)

CruiseControl.NET member

my bad, I forgot that it was implemented as messages

your solution is indeed ok, I'll do some more tests this evening, and commit it if all tests are ok

thanks for the fix btw !

obones commented Jan 19, 2012

No worries, took me a while to find my way through this as well ;-)

CruiseControl.NET member

works like a charm
I've manually checked that the property is filled in with a failed build

for easier testing, I updated the null source control system, and updated the default ccnet.config
take a look at it, it should make testing a bit easier :-)

obones commented Jan 26, 2012

This does not seem to be in the master branch for ccnet and as such not in the latest nightly build (1.7.695.8065)
Did I miss something ?

@RubenWillems RubenWillems reopened this Jan 26, 2012
@RubenWillems RubenWillems merged commit 1cb60c8 into ccnet:master Jan 26, 2012
CruiseControl.NET member
it should have been in, look at the link above

maybe it was merged out again?

obones commented Jan 27, 2012

Seems like it was merged out indeed as it did not appear in build 694 nor 695.
Just downloaded build 696 and FailureTasks is right there, albeit always empty. I'll open another issue and investigate about that.

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