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here is some output to test formatting with
--- STDERR ---
and some error output too
+## Future Development
+If you want to pitch in, these areas are all in need of help:
+* Currently, "push" is the only supported action. Would be nice to be
+ able to query stuff, do rollbacks, etc.
+* This is not heavily tested yet. Don't use it if you don't think you
+ can help debug it.
+* particularly, the config file and argument parsing are not robust
+* Is 7 days a good duration for timed keys? Thoughts?
+* colored output? green success headers and red failures?
+* two-way key generation handshake? ie, you run kraki on the
+ commandline without an API key, it generates a random hash, sends
+ you to a rolf URL that uses that random hash along with your
+ username to generate a token. That would allow us to generate tokens
+ that aren't directly tied to an IP address. Still thinking about how
+ this should all work to be as smooth as possible without opening up
+ gaping security holes.

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