Fall 2016 Release

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###SSL Infrastructure Note Here at Columbia, Mediathread now runs purely under https://. We've made the switch as we've recently encountered many issues when trying to run in an insecure context, i.e. YouTube was no longer playing videos in Safari and the extension was having trouble collecting materials. If you're running an instance locally, we strongly suggest making the switch now. When you do, review any custom settings to ensure resources like Flowplayer are also served securely.


####Course Activation (Columbia University only) Columbia University instructors can now activate a Mediathread course for any of their current courses.

####Course Roster Management Instructors can now manage their course rosters. Course participants can be invited to the class via e-mail, removed from the class, promoted to a faculty role or demoted to a student role.

####Course List Flow On login, instructors are now navigated to the course list page. Past, present and future courses are displayed. Columbia University instructors can activate courses from this page. And soon, all instructors will be able to create a course from here without needing administrative support.

####Mediathread Navigation Bar The navigation bar has been updated to provide a cleaner flow.

  • User actions have been moved to the far right.
    • "Switch Courses" has been renamed to "My Courses"
  • The Settings & Manage menu are combined into Course Settings. This navigates to a consolidated settings page.

###Fixes & Small Changes

  • Selection assignments now require a due date.
  • Responsive login page tweaks.