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The current code of the BBS server for Dream-Land BBS at NCKU —

This project was based on Wind's Top BBS — — and has subsequently been developed by Pang-Wei Tsai (cache) and other volunteers from the Campus Computer & Network Society (CCNS — ) at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan.

For the copyright information of this project, please refer to COPYRIGHT and VERSION.

Different licenses may apply to individual modules. Please refer to their source code file for the license. Such modules are list below.

To Set up a New BBS site

Please refer to for the instructions for setting up a BBS site using DreamBBS.

Note that you would need to clone the repository dreambbs_snap — for the essential files.

If you have cloned this repository, you can also find the wiki contents on the branch "wiki".

Project Layout

  • CHANGELOG: The changelog. Unmaintained since 2018. For more up-to-dated information, please refer to the release note pages of

  • COPYRIGHT: The historical copyright declaration from the MapleBBS 3 core team.

  • VERSION: The copyright information of the ancestors of this project as well as this project.

  • dreambbs.conf: The compile-time configuration file.

    • Not present after cloning. sample/dreambbs.conf is a basic example for this file.
  • make_export.conf: The automatically genetated compile-time configuration file.

    • Not present after cloning. This file will be generated upon the first build of the project and can be edited afterward.
  • build/: The recommended building directory.

  • sample/: Sample configuration files and templates. Containing templates of systemd service unit files.

    • Template file for starting bbs-sshd, an SSH-to-Telnet-over-UNIX-socket proxy server, Apache License 2.0 — bbs-sshd is developed by Robert Wang (robertabcd) et al.
    • You can find the processed sample configuration files under build/sample/
  • innbbsd/: A Usenet newsgroup client daemon. First developed by Shih-Kun Huang (skhuang) et al. for Eagles BBS–derived BBSes. Later maintained by Yu-Xuan Tu (itoc) specifically for MapleBBS 3 BBSes.

  • include/: The header files. Some header files are under innbbsd/ instead.

  • lib/: The static library libdao (Data Abstract Operation).

  • maple/: The BBS server bbsd and the chat room–managing daemon xchatd. Containing frequently used modules.

    • pmore.c: The optional module pmore (piaip's more), BSD-like custom license. Developed by Hung-Te Lin (piaip) et al.
    • pfterm.c: The optional module pfterm (piaip's flat terminal system), BSD-like custom license. Developed by Hung-Te Lin (piaip) et al.
    • Installed to $BBSHOME/bin/
  • so/: The shared libraries. Containing less frequently used modules.

    • bbslua.c: The optional module BBS-Lua, MIT license (Expat). Developed by Hung-Te Lin (piaip) et al.
    • bbsluaext.c: The dependency module Lua BitOp for bbslua.c, MIT license (Expat). Developed by Mike Pall et al.
    • bbsruby.c: The optional module BBS-Ruby, MIT license (Expat). Developed by Hung-Te Lin (piaip) et al.
    • Installed to $BBSHOME/bin/ if allowed to be compiled into shared libraries.
  • util/: Helper programs. Containing programs to be run periodly by cron.

  • scripts/: Helper scripts and templates. Containing wsproxy.

    • wsproxy/: wsproxy, a Telnet-over-WebSocket server script for OpenResty, MIT license (Expat). Developed by Robert Wang (robertabcd) et al.
    • Installed to $BBSHOME/sh/
  • test/: Test programs and scripts. Used for verifying the build.

  • .github/: The GitHub configurations.

    • workflows/: The GitHub Action automation configurations for aiding development.


The current code of the BBS server for Dream-Land BBS (夢之大地電子佈告欄系統) at NCKU.