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Current code of Dreamland-BBS(夢之大地電子布告欄系統) at NCKU.
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This repository is the current code of Dreamland-bbs ( telnet:// ) at NCKU. (under re-construction)

Dreamland BBS source code is modified from Wind's Top BBS version by cache@ccns and other volunteer developer from The Campus Computer & Network Society ( CCNS ) of NCKU in Taiwan.

Copyright information for this repo, please view document in COPYRIGHT.

LICENSE for piaip's more, piaip's flat terminal system module, please view maple/pmore.c, maple/pfterm.c instead.

Build New BBS

  • Please pull dreambbs_snap repository to add the essential files.

Directory Structure

  • include : Some definition data and headers for compiling.

  • innbbsd : Internet News Daemon or Usenet Newsgroup Client for Eagle BBS Series (patched for Maple 3.x Series by itoc)

  • lib : Common Libraries of this BBS program

  • maple : Main BBS program is here.

  • so : Dynamic Shared Object of this BBS program

  • util : Tool programs for this BBS.

  • test : Internal Test Tools for BBS functions or structures.

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