Current code of Dreamland-BBS(夢之大地電子布告欄系統) at NCKU.
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lib specific printing Escape charactor to '\x1b' Jan 30, 2019
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sample Add a compile flag for enabling BBS-Ruby. Feb 12, 2019
scripts add scripts install option for Makefile Feb 9, 2019
so so/xyz.c: Add 'offline' online status for all modules and plugins. Feb 12, 2019
test General binary comparison function: Use `const void *` type for the p… Dec 17, 2018
.gitignore Make git ignore compiled binary files in test/. Dec 3, 2018
CHANGELOG Remove all the trailing whitespaces. Dec 3, 2018
COPYRIGHT noticing the declaration of MapleBBS 3 core team Mar 29, 2018
Makefile add scripts install option for Makefile Feb 9, 2019 remove Chinese in README Feb 8, 2019
VERSION Happy New Year, 2019! Dec 31, 2018 Use `-ggdb3 -O0` compiler flags for easier debugging. Feb 12, 2019


This repository is the current code of Dreamland-bbs ( telnet:// ) at NCKU. (under re-construction)

Dreamland BBS source code is modified from Wind's Top BBS version by cache@ccns and other volunteer developer from The Campus Computer & Network Society ( CCNS ) of NCKU in Taiwan.

Copyright information for this repo, please view document in COPYRIGHT.

LICENSE for piaip's more, piaip's flat terminal system module, please view maple/pmore.c, maple/pfterm.c instead.

Build New BBS

  • Please pull dreambbs_snap repository to add the essential files.

Directory Structure

  • include : Some definition data and headers for compiling.

  • innbbsd : Internet News Daemon or Usenet Newsgroup Client for Eagle BBS Series (patched for Maple 3.x Series by itoc)

  • lib : Common Libraries of this BBS program

  • maple : Main BBS program is here.

  • so : Dynamic Shared Object of this BBS program

  • util : Tool programs for this BBS.

  • test : Internal Test Tools for BBS functions or structures.