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major mode for editing files found in the dsl from
Emacs Lisp
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What uses a dsl to describe entities which it then visualizes. This is a major mode that runs off of .dbd files that tries to emulate the editing experience of the dsl.


As much as I am enamored with the solution, I still find the editing experience from emacs(spacemacs) preferable to the online editor, as I can't get my vim bindings in the text box.


This is a bit hacky as I am still rather unfamiliar with the right way to publish elisp code. cd ~/.emacs.d/private/local git clone edit ~/.spacemacs

within dotspacemacs/user-config add (load-file "~/.emacs,d/private/local/dbd-mode/dbdiagram-mode.el")

demo of lang-mode


  • hook into the autocomplete mode
  • hook into flycheck to point out syntax errors
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