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DISCONTINUED (see README) - Create a copy of your owncloud contacts and calendar events in a git directory
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This works nicely, but I'm not going to make many more changes here. I'm attempting a PHP-Rewrite in form of a Nextcloud App over here:

Owncloud PIM Backup

Backup tool to export your owncloud contacts to vcf-files, storing them in a git-controlled directory.

The output is very suitable for summary emails.


  • ruby 1.9 or later
  • bundler
  • git


  • clone this repository
  • run bundle install
  • copy config.yml.example to config.yml
  • change config.yml to contain your database information and desired from/to email addresses
  • find out the addressbook's id, this will be in the table oc_contacts_addressbooks, and put it into config.yml as well
  • create a contacts directory (or, alternatively, point the config to your desired contacts location)
  • run git init in that location


Whenever you feel like it you can run the script like this

cd your-owncloud-pim-clone

automated use

I run this script every night from a cronjob. Easy crontab:

# the actual calling of this script, every day at 04:00 in the night.
0 4 * * * bash -l -c 'cd your-owncloud-pim-clone; ./owncloud-pim-backup'

free software

This is free software, released under MIT License. Use at your own risk.

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