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Wine Cellar Sample Application with Backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap

"Backbone Cellar" is a sample CRUD application built with Backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap. The application allows you to browse through a list of wines, as well as add, update, and delete wines.

This application is further documented here.

The application is also hosted online. You can test it here.

The application is provided with both an in-memory datastore (default) and a RESTful back-end implemented in PHP (see the /api directory).

The in-memory datastore allows you to experience the app without setting up a back-end. All the changes you make to the data will be lost the next time you access the app or hit Refresh. To use the app with the persistent RESTful back-end, set up the database as documented below and comment out the memorystore.js script import in index.html.

Database Set Up (Optional):

  1. Create a MySQL database name "cellar".
  2. Execute cellar.sql to create and populate the "wine" table:

    mysql cellar -uroot < cellar.sql

Your feedback is appreciated. Please post your questions and comments in the blog post referenced above.