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Employee Directory: React Native Sample App

See this blog post for more info.

Installation Instructions

  1. Follow the React Native getting started instructions to install React Native

  2. Create a new React Native app named EmployeeDirectory:

    react-native init EmployeeDirectory
    cd EmployeeDirectory
    react-native run-ios
  3. Clone the sample app repository:

    git clone
  4. Copy the app folder from employee-directory-react-native into your EmployeeDirectory project folder

  5. Open index.ios.js. Delete the existing content and replace it with:

    import {AppRegistry} from 'react-native';
    import EmployeeDirectoryApp from './app/EmployeeDirectoryApp';
    AppRegistry.registerComponent('EmployeeDirectory', () => EmployeeDirectoryApp);
  6. Save index.ios.js

  7. Hit Cmd + R to refresh the app in the emulator