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React Trivia

React version of Trivia application. The app is written with React and ES6 (ES2015), and is built using Babel and Webpack.

Check out a hosted version here.

Make it Your Own

The questions in the example above are just placeholders. It’s easy to create your own questions:

  1. Click here to download the app

  2. Modify data.js with your own questions

    The questions are loaded this way as a convenience so you can easily load index.html from the local file system (using the file:// protocol) without runnning into XHR cross origin issues. See the commented out componentDidMount in app.js for an alternative XHR implementation

  3. Open index.html. You can just double-click index.html on your local file system: no need for a web server.

Build the App

If you want modify the app and create you own build:

  1. Clone this repo

    git clone
  2. Install the dependencies

    npm install
  3. Modify the app in the /app folder

  4. Build the app

    npm run webpack	


Initially inspired by Ember Jeopardy