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OcherBook is an open-source ebook reader, supporting multiple file formats and output devices. The major goals are:

  • Return control and privacy of the reading experience to the reader
  • Portable
  • Modular design
  • Small with few external dependencies.

Target Devices

Perhaps the largest distinguishing implementation detail of OcherBook is that its in-memory format is not DOM, and the rendering backends are not web browsers. Think DVI. Therefore it is not going to render complex books nearly as accurately, but it is far more portable and efficient. This may eventually turn out to be a mistake, but for now it's an advantage that I'm running with.

It also handles its own event loop and its own rendering, so it could potentially run on very limited devices. This is, perhaps, the singular charm of this project.

At the moment it's mostly tested on Kobo and SDL.


Building is supported with Meson (native and cross-compile) and CMake (currently only native).

To get started, try something simple like:

$ cd OcherBook
$ meson builddir
$ cd builddir
$ ninja

Check the Wiki for more detailed instructions.

To cross-compile, look in toolchains for a toolchain file for your device. Each toolchain file should include some notes regarding how to acquire and install the cross-compiling toolchain, and how to configure OcherBook for it.

Many features are configurable. Some feature libraries can be disabled, or enabled to build against the system's libraries, or enabled to download and build from source (perhaps useful when cross-compiling). For details, see meson_options.txt or cmake_options.cmake.


OcherBook itself is GPLv3. See COPYING.

See docs/LICENSES for all relevant licenses.

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