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Drop-in crash handler for POSIX
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Drop-in crash handlers for POSIX, particularly embedded Linux.

Copyright 2011-2014 Chuck Coffing, MIT licensed

Dumps registers, backtrace, and instruction stream to a file descriptor. Intended to be self-contained and resilient. Where possible, will detect and intelligently handle corrupt state, such as jumping through a bad pointer or a blown stack. The harvesting and reporting of the crash log is left as an exercise for the reader.

Quick start:

  1. Include airbag_fd.c and airbag_fd.h in your project.
  2. If it doesn't build, define the appropriate DISABLE_* flag(s).
  3. Call one of the airbag_init_* functions early, to accept crash data via a file descriptor.
  4. Post-crash (perhaps in a watchdog or on next startup) harvest crash logs.


All of airbag_fd's crash-gathering work is intended to be async-signal safe. In fact, the fundamental design is influenced by the fact that writing to file descriptors is async-signal safe, but many higher-level functions are not. (See

One common design may be to exec a watchdog process early, which opens a crash-handling file descriptor and then fork/execs the main child process, passing the listening file descriptor to the child process, which then calls airbag_init_fd with that file descriptor. Even if the child crashes horribly, the watchdog can gather the crash, report it, and possibly re-exec the child.


airbag_fd is intended to compile cleanly under various C and C++ standards and compilers. Tested semi-regularly on combinations of:

  • C89
  • C99
  • C++98
  • C++03
  • clang
  • gcc
  • x86 Linux
  • x64 Linux
  • ARM Linux

Rarely tested on:

  • MIPS Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • MacOS
  • C++0x
  • ...

Help welcome anywhere.


Linux x86:


Linux x64:

Currently no heuristics for trashed stack (x86_64 ABI encourages not saving FP).




Optionally build your application with -mpoke-function-name for more readable backtraces.

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