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Visualizations of AC Power Flow over a Line
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Visualizations of AC Power Flow over a Line

What is this?

These R scripts produce figures and animations of AC Power Flow over a line, which help build an intuition for the AC Power Flow equations' behavior based on different line parameters (e.g. admittance). These scripts assume a simple restive line model and also include parameters for an ideal transformer. The default parameters are set to typical values for high-voltage power transmission lines.

This repository contains the source files required for generating the visualizations. The script builds all of the figures and animations. An example of the output of the script can be viewed here. The ac_power_examples.r illustrates how to change the line parameters to and generate new figures.


This script requires R for building the PDFs and imagemagick's convert for combining them into a gif. The bash terminal is required for A typical compilation of is around 15 minutes.

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