An ansible playbook for launching a mesos cluster with docker and marathon support.
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An ansible playbook for launching a mesos cluster with docker (via Deimos and Marathon). Run this on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Read the blog post for a descriptive overview.

Getting Started

  • Install librarian-ansible via gem install librarian-ansible
  • You should add roles_path=./librarian_roles to an ansible.cfg file, preferably in this project's root directory.
  • Run librarian-ansible install
  • Spin up a bunch of Ubuntu 14.04 servers, say 5.
  • cp hosts.sample hosts and update the mesos_masters and mesos_slaves groups.
  • Run ansible-playbook -i hosts playbook.yml.

The Setup

  • zookeeper, haproxy, mesos-master and marathon with ha mode run on nodes in the mesos_master group. The zoo_id host variable is used to configure zookeeper.
  • mesos-slave runs in the mesos_slaves group and are passed the list of mesos_masters for coordination.
  • Deimos is installed on the slaves as the external container executor for Mesos.
  • A cron job on each master is set up to query the marathon api and configure HAProxy.
  • HAProxy routes a frontend (listening on port 80) to backends based on marathon tasks.
  • You probably want to tweak the HAProxy configuration script (in /opt/marathon/bin) for your needs. With the current setup you can have a wildcard dns prefix route to a backend matching the marathon name: i.e. would do a least-connection proxy to the www task.