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This script will, assuming a whole bunch of things are setup as it expects, be able to create a CentOS virtual machine on both Ubuntu 10.04 + kvm and Centos 5.6 + xen dom0s using a combination of mrepo, kickstarts, virt-install, and lvm.

Why? Well, because that’s what I have—a Lucid workstation and a CentOS 5 test server. I want to be able to easily create CentOS 5 servers on both of these systems in order to build a test, or perhaps better termed learning, network .

This script will create as many vms as you want, half going to a kvm dom0 and half going to a xen dom0 server.

It requires a lot of “stuff” to be setup “properly”, but it should be fairly obvious where to put what. I’m sorry it’s messy. The big things are:

  1. kicker
    1. Which requires a http available place to put kickstarts
  2. and it’s configuration file
  3. A kvm dom0 and a xen dom0 setup with ssh access from where the script is run from.
    1. Each having a volume group with the same name, eg. “/dev/vm”
  4. DNS entries for each $HOSTPREFIX$s.$DOMAIN that is being created