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Simple sql scripts to reset testdata on Magento stores
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Magento reset scripts

Why? Installing an extension just to delete test orders before site launch seems excessive. Simply import these sql scripts to reset testdata in Magento stores.

How? Download & make changes as you like. Use with your favourite mysql admin tool. Beware, these all delete data, so you should of course confirm backups before using any of these.


  • reset_increment_ids - replaces current increment ids for orders with the values you specify in the file. Runs per store, affects orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos.

  • reset_test_data - empties all core Magento tables known to hold regular customer data and sets increment id to 1

  • reset_extensions_data - empties tables holding customer data for various extensions.

  • reset_log_data - will empty the Magento logs for visitors, urls etc. These tables usually grow quite large over time and not all merchants are interested in the data.

Please contribute! Improved code, more extensions, tips or constructive criticism are all very welcome

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