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Hello World!

Let's do this thing! We are contacting organizers for sections of the conference and starting to search for a location and funding.

Some conference ideas:

  • C compiler implementers panel (clang, gcc, icc)
  • libc implementors panel (glibc, uclibc, bionic libc)
  • Hardening code with compilers and tools
  • Exploiting modern C code bases
  • Implementing Kernels in C (BSD, Linux, etc)
  • Cross platform libraries and porting platforms
  • CCAN the C Code Archive
  • Discussion of build systems and the future of shared libraries (gyp, autoconf)
  • Building smart modern library APIs (libabc)
  • A Hack Day that lasts three days (hey, C development takes time)

UPDATE: Woah, this hit Hacker News and Twitter before I expected. I started contacting people today to start organizing this and created the site to have a point of discussion. If you want to discuss ideas, sponsorship or venue stuff email me directly or post to the Google Group. -Brandon

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