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The C Conference

C Conf in San Diego on August 28th 2012 is cancelled

Thank you for your support of C Conf. The community support was crucial in motivating the work to get C Conf 2012 in San Diego as far as it did.

Regretfully, C Conf in San Diego on August 28th, 2012 is canceled.

I apologize for the problems this causes. Please send your questions or concerns to

The core reason for cancelling was a failure to develop a full line-up of presentations. There was a great set of proposed speakers and ideas but a combination of timing conflicts, location and low proposal count made it impossible to get enough speakers to provide you with a great experience.

In the near future a series of smaller evening events will be organized around the San Francisco/Bay Area on topics around the C language based on ideas from the call for papers. Pay attention to the announce mailing list for more details.

Thanks again.

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