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##Overview This dashboard visualizes racial distribution of population in correctional facilities in Champaign County,IL. It provides real-time numbers and interactive charts that allows users to 1) have easier access to legal data on inmates who were held in county correctional facilities and 2) get more insights on racial disparity in criminal justice system. ##Example

##Features - Provides racial breakdowns and comparative analyses on legal data; - Reflects on both daily real-time activities and historical trend; - Updates automatically with the daily jail log released by Champaign County Sheriff; - Provides interactive charts that allow users to observe underlying numbers by hovering over them.


  • shinydashboard
  • shinythemes
  • shinyLP
  • highcharter
  • rvest

##Installation Clone the dashboard repo:

git clone


  • User Instructions is included in the dashboard interface.
  • Documentation contains data sources and fields descriptions.

##Resources Champaign County Sheriff.