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centralized repo for hackathon software
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a centralized repo for hackathon software, by hackathon organizers.


When it comes to hackathons, too many organizing teams spend most of their time on the menial work - the mechanics of admissions, money, or logistics, for instance. As a result, organizers don't have time to plan the "non-essentials," like extra experiences or great ceremonies, to take their events to the next level, and overall hackathon quality seems to have stagnated in the past few years as a result. Organizing teams spend the whole year reinventing the wheel and learning to plan the same event that was held last year; legacy knowledge and tools rarely find themselves reused.

Our hope is that by allowing organizers to automate the things that are easy to automate, this frees up bandwidth so that they can focus on innovating on the hackathon model and building something better.

(Almost) all of this has been "battle-tested" by organizing teams, and we'd love to see organizing teams who have processes for their hackathons contribute as well. Hundreds of hackathons are run across the country - it seems that every hackathon could gain a lot if we all shared our methods, best practices, and tools.


  • quill - A registration system designed especially for hackathons. For hackers, it's a clean and streamlined interface to submit registration and confirmation information. For hackathon organizers, it's an easy way to manage applications, view registration stats, and more! Built using Node.js by the HackMIT team.


  • hackathonpack-admissions by mike for numerous hackathons including TreeHacks. Typeform template + Excel sheets that enable easy distribution of scoring by criteria, and easy aggregation of these scores into final decisions. Also enables acceptance that takes into account gender and racial diversity.



  • expo table app Create a Devpost Expo table frontend
  • gavel by HackMIT. A project expo judging system that uses fancy math to get good results.


  • treehacks-mentorbot by TreeHacks. Slackbot that provides mentors a channel to claim help requests and attendees to submit help requests within slack. Queues requests in a #mentors channel.
  • hackmit-HELPq by HackMIT. Queue application with interfaces for mentors and hackers to answer/submit questions, respectively.

tutorials / hackpacks

  • how-to-api by BoilerMake. Learn what an API is, and then build an API and consume it with an Angular app.
  • how-to-webdev by BoilerMake. Build a Node/Express/Mongo portfolio and blog webpage. gitbook tutorial
  • treehacks-webtutorial by TreeHacks. Build an app in Ruby using a framework called Sinatra, called TreeYaks, which lets people post content and upvote/downvote what other people posted.
  • treehacks-iostutorial by TreeHacks. Build a “Morning Briefing” app that displays a bunch of things you may want to see everyday, in Swift.
  • treehacks-chromeexttutorial by TreeHacks. Build a chrome extension that replaces the content on webpages according to customizable rules, in JavaScript.



  • redisred by HackMIT. A small Redis-based URL shortener.


Please submit a pull request to improve this file, and try to add a 1-2 sentance summary of your software. Your PR will not be merged unless it is released under an appropriate open-source license. If you want to be added as a collaborator, leave a comment on your PR. Thank you to all contributors; you rock!

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