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Native Twitter Log In functionality for the Parse iOS SDK.
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Native Twitter Log In functionality for the Parse iOS SDK.


  1. Drop the PFTwitterUtils+NativeTwitter folder into your project.
  2. Add #import "PFTwitterUtils+NativeTwitter.h wherever you want to perform your Twitter auth.
  3. Make sure you are linking against the Twitter, Accounts and Parse frameworks.


Native Twitter log in is a bit complicated so there are a few steps you need to take.

First, provide a success handler (this is pretty standard).

// Handle Success
[PFTwitterUtils setNativeLogInSuccessBlock:^(PFUser *user, NSString *userTwitterId, NSError *error) {
    // Store user information...

The second step, is to actually request the Twitter accounts that are stored on the device. You'll most likely want to show the user a list of the accounts so they can choose which account they want to log into. This is an array of ACAccount objects. You can get the Twitter username by using the username property.

// Get twitter accounts on device (this will prompt the user)
[PFTwitterUtils getTwitterAccounts:^(NSArray *twitterAccounts) {
	// Some method that displays an action sheet...
    [self promptUserToChooseNativeTwitterAccount:twitterAccounts];

Lastly, you'll want to give an account back to PFTwitterUtils to log in.

[PFTwitterUtils logInWithAccount:twitterAccount];

Optionally, you can handle your own errors using setNativeLogInErrorBlock:

// Handle errors. This block is optional. PFTwitterUtils+NativeTwitter will provide default messages for all
// the types of errors we may encounter. Here we are customizing the way the user is presented the error.
[PFTwitterUtils setNativeLogInErrorBlock:^(TwitterLogInError logInError) {
    if (logInError == TwitterLogInErrorAccountAccessDenied) {
		// Handle error...
    else if (logInError == TwitterLogInErrorNetworkError) {
       	// Handle error...
    else if (logInError == TwitterLogInErrorAuthenticationError) {
       	// Handle error...
    else if (logInError == TwitterLogInErrorNoAccountsOnDevice) {
    	// Handle error...

Known Issues

I have run into an issue where the Reverse OAuth procedure in TWAPIManager crashes sometimes an iPad 2 I have running iOS 6.1.2. I have not be able to reproduce this on any other device.


PFTwitterUtils+NativeTwitter was written by Christopher Constable.

Special thanks to Loren Brichter for OAuth+Additions and Sean Cook TWAPIManager and TWSignedRequest.

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