The web site for mod-xslt, example of mod-xslt related xml and xsl wizardly.
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What is this?

This repository contains the main web site dedicated to mod-xslt,
a module to perform on the flight transformation of xml to html
(or other formats) using xsl stylesheets.

If you look at the directories in this repository...

... http/ contains the whole site. It is mostly written in .xml,
using a simplified docbook syntax, named "sdope". You can also
see the structure of a FAQ, a software archive, and of course
the menus and the skeleton of the web site is described in xml.

... lib/ contains the stylesheets used to turn all of the above
documents into html. Each set of stylesheets is mostly self contained
and has been used on a number of different sites.

  Feel free to use the code of this web site or its content
as indicated by the original http/main/legals.xml file.


The content of the site was originally written by Carlo Contavalli,, while the graphics and most of the stylesheets
were designed by Marco Merlin,

As specified in the original legals.xml file, all the content of
the website and the website itself are released under the terms
of the GNU Free Documentation License and GNU General Public
License as specified in http/main/legals.xml.

Please refer to that file for more details.