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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="no"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" method="http" href="xslt/translator.xsl" media="screen"
alternate="no" title="For any web browser" charset="ISO-8859-1"?>
<page type="index" xmlns="">
<nav label="section" title="HOME" />
<nav label="up" >
<link title="User Manual" href="doc/manual.xml" />
<link title="Mailing Lists" href="doc/ml.xml" />
<nav label="down">
<link title="Legal" href="main/legals.xml" />
<copyright>2003 Marco Merlin and Carlo Contavalli. All Rights Reserved.</copyright>
<menu position="up" label="home" type="text" title="mod-xslt">
<submenu title="About mod-xslt" href="main/about.xml" />
<submenu title="About this site" href="main/site.xml" />
<submenu title="Credits" href="main/credits.xml" />
<menu position="up" label="download" type="text" title="Contacts">
<submenu title="Join mailing list" href="doc/ml.xml" />
<submenu title="Mailing list archive" href="" />
<menu position="up" label="download" type="text" title="Download">
<submenu title="Releases (github)" href="" />
<submenu title="Old Versions" href="software/releases.xml" />
<submenu title="Testing Suite" href="software/testing.xml" />
<submenu title="Documentation" href="doc/documentation.xml" />
<menu position="up" label="cvs" type="text" title="Development">
<submenu title="Browse GIT (github)" href="" />
<submenu title="Report Bugs (github)" href="" />
<menu position="up" label="doc" type="text" title="Documentation">
<submenu title="User Manual" href="doc/manual.xml" />
<submenu title="Frequently Asked Questions" href="doc/faq.xml" />
<submenu title="Standards" href="main/standards.xml" />
<submenu title="Wiki (github)" href="" />
<menu position="up" label="links" type="text" title="Useful Links">
<submenu title="Debian GNU" href="" />
<submenu title="Apache Project" href="" />
<submenu title="Gnome libxml2" href="" />
<submenu title="Gnome libxslt" href="" />
<submenu title="Gnome Project" href="" />
<!-- <submenu title="Masobit Corporation" href="" /> -->