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- Split up the OptionsTest into separate test classes that tests the different primitive and wrapper features of this project [done]
- Extract the Simple class from the OptionsTest test into its own source file to allow other tests to use this class [done]
- Create a utility class that will be used by the tests to generate the required options instance and/or Simple instance.
This can also be used to perform the expected assert checks by the different tests.
- Are there other parameter types that need to be introduced? [added --option=value]
- Improve the README file. [done - created a instead]
- Add more javadoc that includes a package.html file with information on how to use this library [in-progress]
- Add an examples directory or maybe added detailed examples to the README file.
- Add a usage method to the Options class that will print all of the option to standard options [done]
- Update the Option annotation so that it can state that an option is required [done]
- Update the processing of Option such that you can just pass a top-level Class which contain references to fields that have
options associated to it. [done]
- Create wiki pages that describe what this tool can do and how to use the tool. [in-progress]
- Added the ability to associate a field instead of a method as a OptionReference annotation tag.