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Introducing Color Profiles. Previously, the Tour mode applied random colors. Random colors were ugly! Now only colors from your enabled sequences are randomly applied, with the results below. Note that this only affects Tour and Interactive modes. Coloring mode still uses the originl color chooser. The new color-sequence tool is just one implementation of this new project. The resulting images look like choropleth maps but in this case the colorization is applied randomly for aesthetics and does not represent any data.

In Coloring mode the user sets each individual color before clicking on map countries to apply the color.


Charles Brissac

Along the way help came from many people, including Phillip Gajadhar, everyone at GIMU Guyana, the GIS division at GGMC Guyana, Lionel Laské, and others.


Originally developed for GIS Day 2015, Georgetown Guyana, while I was serving as a GIS Web Applications Developer at MNRE. Subsequent improvements were made during an 8 week course taught at GGMC, Guyana. Another round of improvements came in late 2016 while living in stimulating Portland OR, and integrating it with the NetDispenser. In 2017 I ported it to Sugarizer with help from Lionel Laské as part of the same experiment. ColorMyWorld was a featured activity in our demo at PyCon2017. In June 2017 I developed this prototype color-sequence tool, in-part to address the ugly random colorization during Tour mode.

More Credits

The backbone and heart of this application is the Open Layers library. The new color-sequence tool uses D3.js. D3js can draw maps, too ... fancy maps! So I'm looking at phasing-out Open Layers, JQuery and Bootstrap and using D3 exclusively, forever. Even though it's not specifically used in ColorMyWorld, Python and Django have been important parts of my GIS experience. I also learned a lot working on GeoNode and while developing this Custom GIS CMS.

Icons credits:

  • Earth by Peter van Driel from the Noun Project
  • World Map by Marvdrock from the Noun Project
  • North America by Marvdrock from the Noun Project
  • South America by Marvdrock from the Noun Project
  • Europe by Marvdrock from the Noun Project
  • Asia by Marvdrock from the Noun Project
  • Oceania by Marvdrock from the Noun Project