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A music library plugin for Totem that uses Tracker as it's database.

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MusicLibrary Totem Plugin

A music library for Totem that uses Tracker as the database.

Since it uses Tracker, it doesn't require any configuration.

In the sidebar you get a list of all the artists in your music collection. You can drill down to their albums, then to songs. When you double click a song, it starts playing.



# Some of the Ubuntu dependencies:
sudo apt-get install gir1.2-tracker-0.12 gir1.2-totem-1.0 totem tracker

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/totem/plugins
cd ~/.local/share/totem/plugins
git clone musiclibrary

# start Totem

Enable the plugin and pay attention to the messages on the command line. If you needed to install something else, let me know and I'll add to this page. You may need to wait a while after installing Tracker before it indexes your music.


I've not put much thought into how the plugin gets activated and deactivated. It might be using more resources than it should when the it is deactivated.

When a song finishes it doesn't skip to the next one.

The code repeats itself a lot. The code for artist, album and song is quite similiar.

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