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CCP CompMedChem - Meeting Minutes (11/01/18)

Executive Summary:

A third meeting at the EBI to outline recent progress and desribe future plans. Three areas were discussed:

  1. The first CCP CompMedChem specific resource
  2. Development of potential partnering projects and useful methods from PDBe, ChEMBL, Sanger, GSK and CCP5
  3. The future shape of the group and proposed future plans


  1. eCheminfo meeting / CCP CMC Training and exposure - September

  2. Building first CCP CMC workflows and technology at Diamond

  3. Next CCP CMC meeting - September - location TBD and organiser TBD (AB organise organiser)

    • Suggestion to be in London

    • Opportunity to discuss new methods.

    • Contribute ideas about what you’d like to see?

  4. Projects between ChEMBL and Diamond and Harry Jubb and Diamond / PDB


Organisation Attendee
Oxford / DLS Anthony Bradley
SGC / DLS Frank von Delft
AstraZeneca Sam Hughes
CCDC Jason Cole
Informatics Matters Tim Dudgeon
eTherapeutics Ben Allen
GSK Ian Wall
UCB Will Pitt
ChEMBL Andrew Leach
BenevolentAI Nathan Brown
Oxford Garrett Morris
Vernalis Steve Roughley
PDBe Aleksandras Gutmanas
STFC Chin Yong
Charles Rivers Kuen Yeap
LifeArc Kristian Birchall
Eli Lilly Loeffler Hannes
Sygnature Steve St Gallay
Astex John Liebeschuetz
Sanger Harry Jubb